New Zealand Diploma in Arts & Design Level 5

Duration 1 years Level 5
years Level 6

Level 5 Credits 120
Level Credits 120

Start February Intake ONLY

Apply Preferred by 30 Jan, latest 8 Feb

Students select two areas of study

Studio: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics

Supporting Studies: Drawing, Contemporary Context

This Level 5 and 6 programme is designed for students to engage in their chosen disciplines. The student elects two studio based disciplines in Year 2, and one studio discipline in Year 3. The focus is on developing by contextualising work through a variety of research, practical and conceptual processes. Cross disciplinary work is also encouraged in this programme, giving students flexibility of creative practice.

Studio Ceramics

Students will be encouraged to express themselves in clay and develop techniques relevant to their stage of development. These will include clay preparation and properties, throwing, hand building, glazing and a variety of firing and kiln building techniques. Students develop an individual mode of expression and work towards a creative and innovative result.

Studio Sculpture

Students will learn to use both traditional and modern sculpture techniques, materials and modes of expression. The programme addresses issues regarding form, balance, space and installation in relation to the object and the body. Senior students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and processes and to develop an individual response to 3D art making.

Studio Painting

The painting programme is aimed at introducing students to the fundamental aspects of painting through the use of a variety of materials and subject matter. Students will be encouraged to develop individual expression and observational skills as well as the opportunity to question their own ideas and concepts.


Using a variety of approaches, students will increase their visual awareness, observational skills, understanding of form and structure; and will develop an individual interpretation. Students experiment in a variety of traditional and contemporary media to build up their drawing and mark making skills.

Contemporary Context

The study of Contemporary Context (Art History) enables the students to contextualise art & craft from a variety of periods and cultures and to define their place as an artist. Topics studied include historical and contemporary New Zealand art, Maori and Pacific, ancient cultures, Renaissance and aspects of European art, Modernism and Postmodernism.

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